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Fashion Consultation
A fashion consultant is a type of personal image consultant who specializes in wardrobe and makeup improvement. Hema Karthik a fashion consultant typically help clients make clothing style choices appropriate to a variety of social situations, including personal and business settings. We often also offer related services, such as closet organization, color and style advice, and shopping tips. We help you decide “What Not to Wear” by providing personal style advice and teaching you what works for your body type, weight placement, skin tones, facial features, personality and lifestyle.

We typically offer expertise on more than just clothing. Our image experts often help clients to choose flattering hair styles, makeup, jewelry, facial hair grooming, smile correction and eyewear choices as well. Some may also emphasize a comprehensive fashion design, or overall style, for their clients. We as consultants may try to enhance a client’s self esteem by helping him/her feel both comfortable and confident in his/her new wardrobe.